Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9/11

Every year, to commemorate 9/11, I take my Portraits 9/11/01 off the shelf and open it at random to read some of the obituaries the New York Times collected so admirably of those who died on 9/11. Monuments are great markers of tragedy, but only obituaries provide a glimpse of the lives that were lost. As always, I am struck by how in the midst of their lives the victims were, and I cherish learning a little about them. Each obituary is only a facet but it makes us aware of all the sparkling worlds that were obliterated.

Here are just a few headlines:

Steven M. Hagis Jr. - Love to Fill a Doorway (31 years old)
Mary Lou Hague - Not Just Any Kind of Love (26)
David Halderman - A Shy Son, a Hero (40)
Maile Rachel Hale - A Renaissance Woman (26)
Richard B. Hall - Nights with Shawn (49)
Vaswald Hall - "Can't You Ever Say No?" (50)
Robert Halligan - Shopping across the Pond (59)
Vincent Halloran - Five Children, No Problem (43)

May their memory be for a blessing.


  1. It is a tough day, even beyond the borders of America.

  2. What a kind and thoughtful way to honor the day.

    1. It's an anchor, really, to do this every year.

  3. What a touching post. I write tribute-style poems but my audience is very, very small. Your post reminds me that the victims deserve more than a poem and even more than a full page with a giant headline. Thank you, Annette.

    1. Yes, they do. Even so, every little something counts and is better than nothing.