Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being a Parent Must Be Awesome...

My "awesome" Mother's Day present this year
"Being a parent must be awesome," says my 13-year-old son, eyeing me from the upper bunk as I wake him up in time for our traditional Mother's Day breakfast at a local restaurant. Really? My role as a mother currently means I am reeling from constant arguments with my older son, and my 18-year-old daughter's impending move abroad fills me with trepidation.
"How so?" I ask.

"Because there's Mother's Day or Father's Day, Chanukah, and your birthday. You get three presents a year!"

"Right," I say.

Granted, he did give me a present, a red-glazed vase he made in ceramics class, but that is the only Mother's Day present I seem to be getting this year. But hey, the older kids at least came along to Mother's Day breakfast and that, I know, is present enough.

From his point-of-view, however, I do indeed get three presents a year, and that is pretty awesome.

Happy Mother's Day!


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    1. Better late than never: Thanks, William!

  2. A Mother's Day breakfast with your family is definitely a gift. Savor it, there will be years later on when it will be only phone cals. Even so, those are also appreciated and enjoyed.