Friday, September 13, 2013

My Ode to Kol Nidre...

Chicago Loop Synagogue Window Detail

...was published yesterday in Tablet Magazine: Kol Nidre Showed Me...

Meanwhile I am looking forward Yom Kippur and am basking, just a little bit, in all the sweet comments I have received from friends and acquaintances in response to the essay. When someone tells me the essay brought a tear to his eye - what more could I want? I know then that I've succeeded in somehow conveying a feeling with words, and that, I have come to realize, is my goal in writing.

G'mar chatima tova to all my Jewish friends and readers! I shall see you all again next week with a probably more mundane post.


  1. Annette, your essay about what it means to you to observe Yom Kippur and how hauntingly beautiful you find the Kol Nidre is deeply meaningful and touching.