Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Arts

Art Book by N.E. Skinner

This year, the Kenyon Writers Workshop included a class on Literary Hybrid/Book Arts. While it was hard to listen to the presentations of the book arts participants during the readings (mainly because the visual and tactile components are lost on a large audience), the idea of spending a week in an art studio creating beautiful books had me drooling with envy.


Thankfully, the last evening featured a studio visit where we mere writers could inspect the creations of the artful people.

Handwritten accordion book by Emily Rials

Amazing - a book all handwritten with musings on the Aenid (which, by the way, was always my favorite Greek saga - with Aeneas way more heroic than Ulysses, but that's just me...). I did ask Emily whether she had typed the text before copying it down by hand, and she had. Still, a lot of work!

Tools of the trade

Accordion book by Kim Henderson on "Girls"

A Flag Book by David Kahn using the class prompt "I remember"


  1. Now that's taking artistic design to a completely different level!

  2. Ueber so etwas denke ich in letzter Zeit auch nach - fuer meine kleinen "philosophischen" Blogtexte ... sehr interessant. Danke!

    1. Barbara - also solche Buecher koennten doch der naechste Schritt sein nach Deinen schoenen Grusskarten...