Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art on the Wall

I've never quite understood decoraters' advice to cover bare walls by hunting for art at flea markets, poster shops or online art stores, but perhaps I am just lucky: All the art on our walls comes from family and friends, and there aren't enough walls in our rather large apartment to hang all of it. Once in a great while I buy a piece of art that strikes me at the 57th Street Art Fair.

Our newest addition is from my friend Barbara - one panel from a series of originally three paintings called "Der Sommer schiesst quer" (roughly meaning "Summer upends things"). My husband, however, calls it "lollipops," and he's the one who gets to decide since it hangs opposite the door to his office, and he will see it the most. I immediately knew where it would go - a spot in the kitchen where previously a photograph by my brother had hung. Now I have to find a new home for that photograph, but I already have a spot in mind...


  1. I love art on the wall. That's why I don't like the trend to "open plan" style of houses. If it's "open" then there is no place to hang art on the wall. And I've already gotten my husband to accept that I will never hang a television on the wall over our fireplace. Some of my pieces are flea market, some family, some that represents our travels. I want to start a photo wall, however.

    1. Julie - agreed - walls are good for art and for bookshelves! I'm only willing to give up wall space for windows.

  2. And one can never have too many book shelves either.

    "Lollipops", huh?