Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Beach

Assembling a photo essay from one of my outings is one of my happiest pursuits, and so over this long weekend (In the U.S. it's Presidents Day today, which means the kids are home from school.), I figured I'd showcase my photos from a recent walk at Rogers Park Beach on the far north side of Chicago. It was still winter then, meaning snow and ice had transformed the lakefront into a cold and sparkly beauty.

Walking out to the lighthouse is always a thrill, especially when you're about to see what wonders the ice has wrought.

Seagulls in formation
Snow floes
The skyline of the Loyola University campus
Luckily, the footpath gets plowed; the stone bench with all its colorful paintings doesn't. 
Footsteps in the snow
It's too cold for this, Mam'!
Bundled up, watching birds. 

Good-bye winter beach, your magic, framed by this snaky sculpture, is gone by now.


  1. Brrr that looks cold and ahhh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Annette.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You make me miss Chicago, and I am not a winter person (one of the few things I did not like about Chicago... the brutal winters!).

    1. Tia - thanks! Actually this and the last winter have hardly been winters at all. These photos are from a rare day when we had snow.

  3. Beautiful photo essay, Annette. I grew up on the shore of Lake Erie, so these images have a very familiar feeling to them.

    1. Van Waffle - thanks! I would imagine the Great Lakes have a similar atmosphere to them, I've felt the same when visiting Toronto.

  4. Your talent is out of this world. Great pics!!!!