Monday, February 11, 2013

A Yearbook

The beginnings of my 2013 yearbook - with photos from a New York
Knicks game and various playbills

In my efforts to reclaim my desk and get rid of some piles, I just started my 2013 yearbook. I began this practice of keeping a family yearbook back in 2009. It's a photo album, labeled for the year, in which I put memorabilia and photos of all those special little events of our lives that don't warrant their own album. Not that I am great at creating those albums either, but I do have neatly labeled boxes housing photos, tickets and postcards from various trips that hopefully one day will be in a photo album. Where, however, to put that playbill from a Broadway show (provided you're like me and reluctant to toss those kinds of souvenirs)?

A page from my 2009 yearbook

These yearbooks have proven themselves as a great way to verify our lives. When was it exactly that we went to Indiana Beach the first time? Was it 2009 or 2010? I have my yearbook to consult. Plus there I can showcase those sometimes cheesy event photos that show me with my mouth wide open going down a water slide.

I've been using the same Chelsea photo album in mint and chocolate from Exposures, along with a matching personalized label for the year. The only difference is that this year I'm making an effort to start the book at the beginning of the year. In prior years, the yearbook pile would grow on my desk until I would get around to assembling all those things in there, usually towards the end of the year. So this year the idea is to keep this yearbook at the ready, on the left arm of my desk, so that playbills, ticket stubs, fun photos etc. don't clutter my desk but can slide right into their own home.


  1. How I long to be one of those organized people. This is a great idea that I (kind of) use when traveling. I stick all kinds of things in my moleskine travel notebook. But this is a great idea for remembering the regular comings and goings of life when you're too unorganized to keep a daily written journal. Maybe I can do it this year, since I have a pile of miscellany that appeared as I, too, started the process of reclaiming a desk in our house. You're always so full of good ideas, Annette.

    1. Julie - thanks! I always enjoy hearing how others manage the clutter of their lives, and it's good to have a sister-in-arms when it comes to reclaiming the desk!

  2. Ah, so I'm not the only one keeping playbills and such?