Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Search of Winter

Hello winter, where are you? There is no sight of snow in Chicago, so on a recent trip to the Indiana country side I went in search of winter, looking for snow, ice, and perhaps some icicles, too? Here I wave at myself in a pond.

A less creepy view of the same pond

A look up and the winter sun hangs dim in the sky.
On into the forest
A remnant of fall
I notice that the only color in the winter forest is a dash of russet orange like this.
Later I even find some orange bark on a fallen log.
Speaking of logs, I love this crack.
One of the few pine trees reaches into the winter scene.
A frozen ditch
For some reason I love that rusty ton. I featured it in my fall photo essay. Now I see that some of that rust is really orange!
A reminder of summer's hot days watering the trees.

Just around the corner from the sprawling hose, this icicle beauty catches my eye.

And here, I catch myself in the window of the tool shed amidst all the beauty of winter.


  1. Lovely photos!

    Here we're getting plenty of winter!

    1. Can you send some my way? We're supposed to get some "light flurries" this Friday, which doesn't sound promising. Meanwhile, temps are -10C and lower, and that's no fun w/o snow!