Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Essay: Starved Rock in Fall

A hiking trip to Starved Rock State Park, a two hour drive from Chicago, is one of those traditions my daughter insists on. We just have to make it out there in the fall. This time we combined it with a detour to the Pumpkin Farm we discovered on last year's excursion.

If you've been following this blog, you already know from previous posts that we cherish Starved Rock. Amazingly, while it is familiar, it is also exciting to see how each season changes it. Since this summer was so dry, there are no water falls, and even the brooks that usually accumulate at the bottom of canyons were reduced to puddles. There were beautiful puddles, though, with the fall foliage reflecting or collecting in their glassy surfaces.

In one arm of Tonti Canyon, this was probably the biggest "puddle" we saw.
I think this is my favorite picture from this particular hike; it captures the desolation a dry summer can leave in its wake.
 And yet, in some spots in Tonti Canyon the moss on the walls still looked lush.
 LaSalle Canyon, which you might recognize from the middle picture of  my banner, without the water springing from its platter-like cut out.

The rock face of LaSalle Canyon with a riot of color above.

Leaves up close.

A hole in a tree.

Path along the Illinois River.

Let's end on a blue note.
PS: If you could kindly let me know which photo you liked best (from this or my spring and previous fall photo essays), I'd greatly appreciate it since I'm thinking of entering the Starved Rock Photo Contest. To be clear, just say which number it is from the top and which essay. Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Annette! My favorite is the second from the top, my husband's favorite is the 4th from the top. Thanks for posting these! We were just camping at Starved Rock a couple of weekends ago. It was our second visit, and I was inspired by your previous photos of the French Canyon to get out on that trail (we missed it the first visit). Boy was I glad we did! Love your blog.


    1. Steph - Thanks for your feedback, and for also asking your husband's opinion. I am so thrilled that my photos inspired you to seek out LaSalle Canyon! Next time, approach the park from the east (via Ottawa), and then you can also check out Kaskasia Canyon.

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    1. Serena - sorry I accidentally deleted your comment, stupid of me. But I did read it before that happened, and I appreciate very much that you let me know which photo you liked best, i.e. the second one.