Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Easing Separation Anxiety

I remember those days of handing a screaming child off to a preschool teacher very well. The first time around it was tough to leave my two-year-old son, especially when I heard later that he spent a good part of the morning standing by his cubby, holding his lunch box. But I had to leave for work, and so did my husband, and ultimately, those swift good-byes helped establish a routine that we all got used to. Mind you, after a few weeks our son took to standing in a corner with a bucket over his head when all that classroom commotion got to be too much. In the end, however, he adjusted well and loved preschool.

See my current article in NPN's Parent to Parent Magazine for a preschool teacher's tips on how to ease separation anxiety.


  1. Is there any tip for a parent on easing separation anxiety? ;) I just dropped my daughter off to her kindergarten. I got pretty emotional.

    1. Remember that preparing her for the big world out there is a big part of being a parent, and going to preschool is one big step in that direction! Plus you gain time to write, remember!