Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Piece of Custom Furniture

Since I was on the subject of home interiors yesterday featuring a Spanish Colonial House I visited in Shanghai, I thought I'd share a peek into my home with a little piece of furniture that makes me happy, namely the mini table I had custom built to hold the magazines in my bathroom.

In a way it's part of my old decluttering project to find proper places for things we use every day. I'd been searching catalogs for a long, long time looking for a table that would fit into this spot, but all side tables were too high, and the low ones I did find were too wide. Also, none featured the two shelves I wanted: One for my usual stack of magazines and catalogs, and a lower one for art books. (An idea I picked up in an apartment we rented in Paris where the owner had art museum guides shelved in the bathroom - the few minutes one spends on the throne are ideal to read up on a painting or sculpture, right?)

I've never had a piece of furniture custom built before, but when a friend made the connection to an Amish craftsman (Country Furniture Restoration) in Indiana who fixed a broken kitchen cabinet door for us, I thought to myself, why not ask this guy whether he could build me a little table? He could. I only had to provide a drawing of what I was envisioning, along with the measurements. I communicated via my friend as Amish don't use the Internet and the phone only indirectly, and so you ideally have to stop by in person. The one question that came back was whether the table was really supposed to be that low (14"). Yes, it was supposed to be, since it was meant to fit under the toilet paper holder (I didn't tell the guys that...). Now it does, and my magazines don't sit on the floor anymore.

Having something custom built sounds fancy, but really, I don't think there's anything fancy about a table under a toilet paper holder. Nevertheless, it goes to show that thanks to this little table, at least one spot in our place is perfect now.

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