Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Momoir for Mother's Day

Picture of me holding my daughter, Summer 1996
I'm reposting my Mother's Day post from last year, mainly because I still like my six-word "momoir"  inspired by SMITH Magazine's project in honor of Mother's Day:

My kids: toughest taskmasters, greatest joy.

Feel free to think about how you could capture your own take on motherhood in six words. It's a fun challenge in conciseness.

And: Happy Mother's Day!


  1. My Momoir

    Children, God's lifetime gift to me.

  2. OK, Nancy, how long did it take you to come up with that? Because I had to toil on mine...

  3. Ich schaue das Foto, uebrigens ein sehr schoenes, an und frage mich, wo die Zeit geblieben ist. Mich beschaeftigt das aelter werden sehr zur Zeit. Und Muttertag? Ehrlich gesagt: Geschenkt.

  4. First I love this picture!!!!! I love your Momoir. I think I did one last year in response to your post- For this year-

    Motherhood: birthing babies, raising fine adults