Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photo Essay: A Market in Shanghai

A tea shop - my favorite photo from our stroll through the market in Nanshi, the Old Town of Shanghai. This area used to be the old walled city of Shanghai before the foreign concessions moved in next door in the mid-1800s.

Pots and mugs for that tea.

The day we visited the Old Town was the only day of my visit to Shanghai that we had bad weather. The rain got progressively worse, and yet I love this picture for its stark gray and black tones, the red accents, the tourist umbrellas and the hodgepodge of air conditioners below a traditional Chinese roof. In addition, the highrise apartment buildings, so typical of today's Shanghai, loom in the distance. These developments continue to devour parts of this Old Town. Already there was a thoroughfare that was still in my guidebook, printed in 2009, that we couldn't traverse anymore as we were met with a construction fence and a gigantic hole beyond.

A stone mason's shop on this very street.

Off into a side street...

Where work gets done.

Tattoos, or food, or both?

More harmless, and more color.

No less colorful and just as utilitarian.

Where the green grocers are.

Green and red.

A bike and shop.

Eggs anyone?

Dead or alive?




  1. Splendid photo essay- as Julie said- "what wonderful colors"- truly a treat for the eyes!! The pictures made me 'homesick'- although I'm not from China- but these pics reminded me so much of certain places in Singapore/Malaysia

  2. How colorful and (to someone living in upstate New York) exotic. Incidentally, I would love to pin some of these photos for my Pinterest board. Others might, too. Are you on Pinterest?

  3. Fabulous! Love all the colors and wonderful photos. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be there.

  4. Natalie, Julie, Anjuli, debrakristi - thanks, glad you all enjoyed this. Several mentioned the colors, which has me wondering whether perhaps a dreary day makes for better photographs, at least in Shanghai where the daylight is otherwise hazily bright.

    bookworm - thank you for reminding me of Pinterest - I've been meaning to look into that and thanks for wanting to pin my pictures. I hope I can oblige you soon.

  5. Love it thanks for taking us to shanghai with you - those pictures are wonderful.

  6. I especially love the baskets that hold the vegetables.