Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Returning Home to Myself

Alice in Wonderland Theatre ~ view to the door leading to the  rabbit hole
One open door leads to the rabbit hole, and then what is
to be discovered? I often think of my forays into all the
connections of the blogging world as being Alice and
diving into that rabbit hole, following this and that 
beckoning allure, not knowing what I shall discover,
and re-emerging hours later, not quite believing I've been
gone that long, and in awe of all the wonderous worlds
I discovered. I miss not having
been down that rabbit hole in a while.
Photo by Judy Scott
I've been missing that rabbit hole of blogging, and ironically, I haven't been down there in a while because I don't feel I've quite returned home yet to myself. 

What do I mean by that? True, I recently went half way around the world to visit a friend in Shanghai. But I physically returned home after a week, safe and sound, with lots of impressions to think about and photos to sort and edit. Then next up was Passover, which at our house means massive pantry cleaning, switching the kitchen to be kosher for Passover (for the uninitiated, this means getting rid of all things flour, pasta, bread, etc. and switching to separate dishes just for the holiday), and lots of cooking. It also means dinner guests and all the kids at home for Passover break. And that means no time to myself, no time on my couch to write, think, mull, and going down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole.

Granted, my visit to Shanghai cut me off from accessing Blogger for a few days (an odd feeling), but my recent disconnect has less to do with that hiatus and more to do with not quite being at home with myself, which is what I have to be in order to write, and think, and mull, and blog. Have you ever found that you really need to be at home, at least with yourself, in order to engage with others, and go out and explore, and create, all of which blogging really is?

So, all this is to say I'm on my way back, and most of all, I am looking forward to the upcoming 2012 WordCount Blogathon, hosted by the terrific Michelle Rafter. I participated last year and it propelled my blogging to unconceived heights. While I didn't know what I was really in for last year, this year I am looking forward to the challenge, to meeting new blogging friends, reconnecting with old ones, and just, perhaps, a general spring revival and return to myself.


  1. I find that I have to be in the right head space, for lack of a better term, to get into blogging. Somedays it's just not there.

  2. Welcome back, and take your time easing back in. We'll be here.

  3. Glad to have you back. Thanks for mentioning the blogathon. I missed that announcement because I'm behind on reading the WordCount site. I may take up the challenge.

  4. Annette, I know exactly what you mean by being home with oneself. I recently thought I knew what I was working toward to find out I threw up my hands and told myself what I really wanted was something so different. Now I feel free and content and my fingers are dancing over the keyboard.

    Home is a warm and wonderful place. Welcome home.

  5. Welcome back and I can't wait to see your photos! I hope you get to share them soon.

    Traveling is great fun. I wish I could do more of it, if only I didn't have this fear of flying!

  6. So glad that you'll be part of the blogathon again this year. Looking forward to it.

    Michelle Rafter

  7. I'm going to try the blogathon this year, too, thanks to Lisa Carter who told me about it. Sounds like fun, even though a challenge to post every day for a full month. I manage 5 days a week with no problem, but 7? Hmmm. we'll see how it goes.