Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shipped off to Shanghai

The Bund, Shanghai's turn of the century waterfront.
I took this photo on my first evening here
from a rooftop bar.

Just in case you were wondering why it's been quiet on this blog - I've shipped off to Shanghai for a week to visit a good friend, and it turns out that you cannot get to Blogger from there without some special interface which I've just acquired.

In the meantime I have been taking lots of pictures and have been collecting lots of impressions of this fascinating city, all of which I will soon share. Right now I'm almost overwhelmed taking it all in, but stay tuned, much to come soon!


  1. Annette,I am green with envy that you are getting to spend time with our mutual friend in Shanghai. I know she will win the Hostess Award for this year. I bet she has a list a mile long of places she wants you to see. Waiting eagerly for the next report.

  2. Oh wow, have an amazing time. I'm incredibly jealous!

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  4. Wow! The breath taking view of the city. I really appreciate it during at night then you could see a colorful of light that brings a glow of beauty on the entire city. I've never been there and so glad you share this wonderful image. (^_^)

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  6. Shanghai is very beautiful... I am waiting for pics.... Thanks
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