Monday, March 26, 2012

Lee Strickland: "I was Always a Memoirist..."

Recently, my Advanced Memoir class at StoryStudio Chicago was fortunate enough to host, in person, Lee Strickland for an author Q&A, discussing her essay "Girl, Ruined," published in The Sun Magazine. Lee is a fellow teacher at StoryStudio and interestingly, she teaches fiction writing.

She is, however, quite articulate about the challenges of writing memoir as she has completed a book length memoir, from which "Girl, Ruined" is an excerpt. In this short excerpt of our conversation, she shares why she really feels she's always been a memoirist...


  1. I give people who write memoirs a lot of credit. It can't be easy.

  2. When you read the words "write what you know" that's the first thing I think about, memoirs, not text books or non-fiction creative writing. Who knows you better than you?

    Friends and family always tell me that I should write a memoir. It always comes after I'd tell some funny story from my past. The problem is, I want to write a story, a fiction story! Not MY story. :)

    Anyway, interesting post!

  3. I like that she came out and said she was always a memoirist, the way I can say I'm always a non-fiction/essayist. Every time I hear someone say that we have a glut of memoirs, therefore the memoir is dead, I want to ask if that also means we have a glut of fiction (since that genre is so much larger).

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