Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photo Essay: Christkindlmarket Chicago

Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, a visit to the Christkindlmarket downtown Chicago is obligatory - mainly because I can find favorite German delicacies there that I remember from my childhood - roasted almonds, for instance! And every year, the appearance of the giant menorah celebrating Chanukah delights me. Only in America will a menorah share prominent space with a Christmas tree.

Last year, I had the most serene visit - the market was nearly empty, probably because it was rather cold and not five yet, i.e. the downtown office workers weren't stopping by yet. This year I went with my daughter, and it was after five, and crowded!

Sipping my customary GlΓΌhwein - an item to cross off my winter list!

Did I say crowded?

English buffs will appreciate this sign in the Sweet Castle. My daughter noticed it; I was too busy examing the Lebkuchen tins.


  1. Oh, grammar mistakes on signs really bug me. This is definitely an interesting place.

  2. Yeah, well you have to remember that the people who put up the sign are not native English speakers, so I think it's kind of cute that they make the effort.

  3. oh this is wonderful...really made me feel cozy looking at the pictures.