Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Essay: End of Summer

Does anything say "end of summer" better than an overturned lifeguard chair? Yesterday was the official end of summer, according to the calendar.

Some mornings I drive my kids to their high school on the northside of Chicago, and on the way back I go for a walk along this beach in Rogers Park. I thus avoid rush hour traffic on Lake Shore Drive, and blow oxygen into my brain. And I get to enjoy beach life on a sunny day like this, even if the lifeguards have packed up, and there's a nip in the air. The lighthouse is an old friend, and so are the sand and the waves, and the wide open view of the horizon, something I always long for, and something I miss from our long road trip out west.

And sometimes it is warm enough, even at the end of summer, to lie down in the sand for a while, and listen to the waves, and observe the footprint view.

Here the pebbles are rounded and well washed, as compared with the more rough cut rocks out west.

A long stone bench runs along the walkway, and every summer people can sign up to paint a section any way they want.

Before turning back into the city a playground figure affords this last view of the beach. Soon, I assume, they will carry the lifeguard chair away and store it for the next summer.


  1. Beautiful pictures. It must be nice to be able to walk the beach everyday.

  2. Kelly - I wish it was every day but I'm lucky if I manage once a week.

  3. Such beautifully relaxing pictures- I do so love the beach. I loved your choices of pictures- each one seemed to capture some form of relaxation.