Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip Report 12: Mesa Arch Photo Essay

My son has this view as a wallpaper on his computer, and I have to admit I always thought it was fake until I spotted it in a brochure of Canyonlands National Park. So then of course we had to see it for real even though that meant getting up at five to squeeze that into our trip.

We did well for our last destination in red rock country, didn't we? How is this for a farewell glimpse of Utah?

It looks rather harmless as you walk up to it.

View in the other direction.

My kids leaning in on the precipice.

Taking pictures of taking pictures.


  1. Amazing pictures! You have a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My husband wants to visit the national parks and other parts of southern Utah. He's wanted to go for a long time, and I've not been very enthusiastic, but maybe I need to reconsider. Looks awesome.

  3. Hey, this is the arch I was telling you about at lunch! Did anyone walk on top? It is quite nerve-wrecking even though one would not normally fall off a platform that wide. Even worse is seeing someone else do it.

  4. Wow. These photos are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing; I must go there!!!

  5. Absolutely stunning. I really, REALLy want to go there!

  6. Wonderful pictures!! loved the last one about 'taking pictures of taking pictures'- brought a smile to my face. All the pictures just reminded me there is soooo much more for me to see!!!

  7. Evren - I figured you'd walked that arch! We did not let the kids wander on the top, although one of our sons wanted to. Given that the drop beyond is at least 200 feet (?) I could not have watched that, even if the arch itself is comfortably wide.

    Tia, Nancy, Melissa, Natalie, Naomi, Anjuli - you all must get out there. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures but the reality cannot be captured.