Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writing Exercise: Color List - Pink

Since my color list for green was a success, I've decided to create, with your help, one color list each month, and eventually I'll publish a page with all of them for easy reference. The idea remains to come up with nouns that make you see that color without you having to mention it. So if I say "peony" - what do you see? Pink, I hope, even though peonies do come in white as well. "Rose" wouldn't work because you might think of a red rose while I might think of a pink one. Candy apple would be a good example for red. Adjectives are fine, too, but you will find that many of them could be nouns as well.

The color for June is pink, mainly because I'm dying for those peonies outside of my building to finally bloom. Their buds are still tight fisted so I'm posting this picture of little pink flowers that are blooming but whose name I don't know (please let me know if you do!). I've found, however, that it's not easy to come up with nouns or adjectives for pink. Here's my list so far, please add to it!



  1. Pepto Bismol (stealing from Steel Magnolias)

  2. AL - Pepto Bismol is great! Not so sure about salmon, I would have filed that under orange...

  3. Magenta? Coral ( though I picture more of an orangy pink shade for coral)
    Same with Salmon



    Linnea is pink too

  4. Cotton candy. (Side note: great idea and I look forward to the monthly colors!)

  5. baby's bottom
    strawberry milkshake
    raspberry ice cream
    cherry popsicle

  6. lipstick
    hearts can sometimes be pink

  7. babyhellfire - magenta, yes! How could I have omitted that? Petunia, no, comes in too many other colors.

    motherlogue - cotton candy, guess so, although my son likes to get the blue kind.

    Nancy - strawberry milkshake, definitely!

    Anjuli - I disagree on lipstick, if anything, I'd argue people would associate that with red. I guess the challenge with singling pink out as its own color is that it's "just" a shade of red...

  8. As a long time user, pepto definitely sprung to mind along with strawberry ice cream and cotton candy, but this is fun, let me think about this:

    bubble gum
    chicken pox or mosquito bites
    sun burn/wind burn
    silly putty
    breast cancer awareness
    cartoon panthers
    cherry blossoms
    crape myrtle trees (at least mine is ~ my peonies are white!!)

    ...I can't believe I almost forgot flamingos... did someone say that already?

    I'm going to quit there. Flamingos is my best answer (although I've heard they get their color from shrimp!).

    This was great fun! Thanks!!

  9. Hi Nicole, yes, I did have flamingo and I loved your addition of sunburn and cartoon panthers! Thanks for chiming in!

  10. Okay, I've come back here twice and all my ideas were taken.

    How about the I Did It 2011 Blogathon badge?

  11. Strawberry cream
    Hot Barbie Pink
    Whipped Cherries
    Creamy Berries
    Frosted Berry pie
    Double Bubble

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  13. Jan, yes, that Blogathon badge is pink!

    The Desert Rocks - Strawberry icecream, yes! Now I want some... And how could we all have forgotten mauve but maybe that falls more into the purple category? Double Bubble - perfect!