Thursday, June 2, 2011

Submissions: Insights from a Newly Minted Nonfiction Editor

My friend Tracy Crow started as nonfiction editor at literary magazine Prime Number a week ago. Click here to read her insights now that she's on the receiving end of literary nonfiction submissions.

Here's to not worrying about cover letters!


  1. What GREAT insights!!!! Oh and ALL the hours I wrote and re wrote my cover letters....:)....Tracy would be a GREAT person to send a non fiction piece too...I only wish ALL editors considered EACH submission as a gift to unwrap!

    I especially liked Tracy's practice of putting in a personal touch to the rejection letter- it does help to really know WHY it was rejected- even if it is just because the editor's plate is too full at the time- that gives the impetus to not give up on the piece and send it to the next editor.

  2. Great to hear from the other side of the fence. Thanks for posting this, Annette.

  3. Anjuli & Nancy - glad you found this helpful, but then again, Tracy is a helpful person.