Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's go short: Creative Nonfiction's Tiny Truths Daily Contest

Creative Nonfiction magazine has really spruced up its looks and contents, and they are currently running a micro essay contest on Twitter that's fun to watch: Tiny Truths Daily Contest. Once you watch, you start thinking about what story you could tell in 140 characters. It's a similar challenge to the Six-Word Memoir. Daily winners and favorites end up in an issue.

Our world is going short short but maybe that's appropriate for summer?


  1. Those Twitter contests are fun. I've never entered but I've read the entries and voted on them. People can get amazingly creative in 140 characters.

  2. The shorter it is the more creative you have to be- so I think it is good exercise! (for our brains) :) But I do love the longer works-- I love the epic novels- I just 'won" the biography of Margaret Mitchell- (the love story behind Gone with the Wind)-- I almost swooned when I pulled out the HUGE book from the mailing package-- I can't wait to dive in!! I just hope it is as good to read as it is to look at :)

  3. Kelly - yes, it amazes me, too, how much can be said in 140 characters.

    Anjuli - I love epic works, too, but sadly I hardly find the time to dive into a thick book. I hope you enjoy the Margaret Mitchell biography.

    The Desert Rocks - tell me how it goes!