Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writing Exercise: Sounds of Rain

View from the window behind my writing
couch this morning - see how the water
is pouring from the spout?
What words to use describe the sound of rain? We had terrific rains this morning in Chicago, the kind that darken the sky at 8 in the morning. Since I love the sound of rain, I started to think about words that capture that sound: That pitter patter on the pavement, that pouring out of the rooftop spout, that drumming on the window. Listen in here to a "sound sculpture" of falling rain if you feel like it.

Needless to say, this is one of my exercises in writing with the senses, in helping us create a three-dimensional world with words, especially through strong verbs.

Here's my beginning list of rain sounds, but please help me out and add to it:



  1. I think you have all the good ones.:)
    Sometimes it gushes...floods...rattling and loosening the roof tiles or it's whisper soft like tiny tears...misty...almost vapor-like and refreshing.

  2. The Desert Rocks - thanks for chiming in. It's hard to find words to describe rain, isn't it? It's raining here again and I keep searching for words.

  3. I love rain.It's like a fast tap,tap dance.And with thunder and lighting,it's a musical!

  4. Here's a poem I learned in school in Ireland

    A Soft Day by Winifred M. Letts

    A soft day, thank God
    a wind from the south
    with a honey'd mouth
    a scent of drenching leaves
    briar, beech and lime
    white elderflower
    and thyme
    and the soaking grass
    smells sweet
    crushed by my two bare feet
    while the rain drips
    drips, drips from the eaves

    A soft day,thank God
    the hills wear a shroud
    of silver cloud
    the web the spider weaves
    is a glittering net
    the woodland path is wet
    and the soaking earth
    smells sweet
    under my two bare feet
    and the rain drips, drips,
    drips,drips from the leaves.

    Submitted by Veronica Breen Hogle
    friend of Nancy's K. Written by
    Winifred M. Letts