Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where I Write

Today's Blogathon topic is "My 5 Favorite Places to Write." However, I only have one favorite place to write: my couch. In the photo I'm leaning forward, probably because my back was hurting, but I usually sit in that right corner of the couch, my feet up on the leather ottoman with my laptop on my lap (that's why it's a laptop, right?). The picture was taken in January when the couch's leather is cool so I spread an afghan over it.

I used to write at my desk (seen in the background) that stands in our sunporch but it has now become the spot where I do family admin, prepare for my classes, or work on a photobook. My couch is where I write. I have a side table where I put my cup of coffee, keep my writing log, and stack other materials related to current writing projects.

Of course I write in other places, too, that's why I carry my notebook. But I feel most at home with myself when I plop down on that couch. I think it is crucial to have a dedicated place where you write, and where you are surrounded with materials for your writing. That's why artists have studios, and why you get a studio when you're at a writing residency. Creating that physical space and keeping it for that one purpose helps you to get into the writing frame of mind.

Do you have a dedicated place to write?


  1. I love seeing where other writers write! I wrote about this prompt too (for the blogathon), and I'm so interested to see where other writers write. My preferred spot is at my desk for blogging/nonfiction; but I've taken to moving to the kitchen table to write fiction. Glad to have found your blog through the blogathon!

  2. I can write in our den- or what I call my art studio- which is a closet. If no one is home I can sit on the couch and enjoy the light of the windows.
    I love the crochet Afghans- Did you make those or were they gifts from a loved one?

  3. I find that one place works best for me, too. Thanks for the link to your writing log - great idea that I want to implement!

  4. Late at night, when everybody is asleep, I write at my desktop computer which is in a corner of our front reading room. During the day, when the wife, children, dog and various other distractions abound, I go to a used bookstore near my home. I sit at a table facing the front windows - instead of the store interior - and I put on my headphones and listen to classical music to drown out the sounds of the store. I like your idea of sitting on the couch, though. I'm going to try that. It looks very relaxing.

  5. It's great to see photos of writers writing. You seem pretty cozy on that couch but I just can't do it: my back hurts, my legs burn from the laptop and I just can't get comfy. I'm off to read your other posts now.

  6. Loved the pic to go along with the write up. It is always good to have one specific place where we know our creative juices are going to flow.

  7. Julia - interesting that you find different spots depending on whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction. I'm glad, too, that you found my blog!

    The Desert Rocks - I bought that Afghan at an auction because it reminded me of the Afghan my grandmother made for my mom, and that has long since disintegrated.

    The motherlongue - let me know how it goes with the writing log!

    Chadmawn - I like how you have a "designated" spot at the bookstore - I wonder if you get upset if someone else dares sit there? I used to have "my" spot in the university library and would really feel displaced if someone else took it.

    inksandlinks - I actually think the couch is kind of bad for my back - it does hurt now and then!

    Anjuli - glad you liked the pic.