Sunday, May 8, 2011

My "Momoir" in Honor of Mother's Day

My older son & I, Sanibel Island, Oct 1998
Following on Friday's post regarding SMITH Magazine's six-word "momoir" project in honor of Mother's Day, here's my own:

My kids: toughest taskmasters, greatest joy.

Feel free to contribute your own in comments!

And: Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Amen! Love this idea of a six-word momoir. You've captured this one perfectly.

  2. You nailed it, Annette. Here's mine:

    Greatest reward of motherhood? Grandma Shirley!

  3. Here's mine: Adult children can be tough, too.

  4. I loved yours- they are the greatest joy, aren't they!?!

    Motherhood: the ultimate roller coaster ride

  5. Shirley - oh, I love yours! I've heard quite often that the reward for parenthood is being a grandparent, and you really captured that sentiment! I must say I am looking forward to that even though I have a way to go (I hope...)

    Alexandra - yes! I believe you, and I can see that coming even though my oldest is only fiftee. It just gets more complicated, doesn't it, and you have less control, yet your heart is out there just as much.

    Anjuli - rollercoaster, I agree! I've thought that many times myself.

    Isn't it amazing how we all can agree on aspects of motherhood captured in only six words?