Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Literary Life: Amazon Reviews Make a Difference

Now that I'm into writing reviews on amazon as part of my quest for a broader literary life, I was happy to read on the Creative Penn that those ratings and reviews make a difference in where a book shows up in the Recommended Lists on amazon. Lesser known authors can have their books materialize in these recommendations when they have a significant number of reviews, and all of a sudden they are a player. Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn relates her experience with her thriller Pentecost:

"Ratings and Reviews make a difference. Pentecost has 32 reviews as I am writing this with 4.5 star rating on This is more than a whole lot of big name authors and clearly Amazon pays attention when readers are enthusiastic about a book."

So: Write amazon reviews and rate those books you read!


  1. Wow this is interesting to know. I didn't realize the reviews on Amazon played such an important role in the exposure of the book.

  2. Anjuli - I didn't know either but this makes me happy because I feel I can really have a hand in how a book does.

  3. Great information. I am trying to be better about posting reviews on Amazon for books I love, in particular, and love knowing this will help. Plus, our novel is on there and has 15 reviews with an average 4.9. I'll keep asking readers to post. And since I wrote the novel with my mom, I can honestly say my mom is NOT one of the reviews (although several friends honored me with theirs).

  4. Bach, it apparently definitely makes a difference if you can round up people to give you reviews and then, pretty soon, your book takes on a life of its own and other readers will promote it for you!