Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Word Cloud

For day 30 of the Blogathon we're taking it easy: Today's theme is to create a word cloud for our blog, so here's what Wordle came up with for mine:

Do you notice that the one word that should be prominent for this blog is missing?


  1. WRITING! :) Of course it would be writing!!! ...I'm so glad I have been introduced to your blog during the blogathon and I look forward to reading more from you in the days ahead.

  2. I loved that Writing, second, review, and couch are what jumped out at me!

  3. Pavithra - yes, memoir is missing! How could that be? Perhaps I'm not writing enough about that?
    Nisha - thanks!
    Anjuli - same here! Isn't it nice how writing came out so big?
    Tia - hmm, I wrote about my couch only once. Odd that that should jump out...

  4. Love that writing is the biggest word in your wordle.