Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Reviews on Amazon

Danielle Ofri told my writing group back in January that those book reviews on amazon make a huge difference to a writer, not only in terms of feedback but in terms of sales. So I promised myself I'd post one but of course I promptly forgot. Along came the excellent blog post on Literary Citizenship, and so, finally, as part of my quest to be a better literary citizen, I finally did what I have never done before: post book reviews on amazon for the three memoirs I have read so far this year with my memoir group.

Now post your own for books you've read recently! It's a small token of appreciation to those authors whose books you enjoyed. Give and take.

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  1. Hi Annette. I've finally had time to click over here to your blog in between traveling and doing my own homework for our online blog course -- and inching along with my own memoir. That phrase "literary citizenship" just jumped off the page at me. I know this is one place I fall down. Some weeks it's all I can do to engage in my own writing, but I do also long for more involvement in the literary community. Here in St. Louis it's practically impossible to find a writing community of essayists. But what you say about the reviews is true. I will make sure to go to Amazon and write two reviews this week. And continue my search for a writing group.