Sunday, September 14, 2014

Manaus Journal (4): The Amazon is a Mirror

I'd seen photographs of the mirror-like quality of the Amazon in National Geographic, but to find myself floating on it was a whole other experience. I spent the better part of last weekend organizing my "Brazil" photos (finally uploading the good ones to a site to share with my travel companions), and so I thought it might be a nice wrap-up of my summer travels to share this glory of the Amazon, taken on our overnight excursion to the floating lodge Tauari Inn, 1.5 hours from Manaus by speedboat.

Our tab at the Tauari Inn

And then the sun set...

Some in our group set off in the canoe to see a tree full of herons, but I stayed behind to savor the sunset.

Sitting on the dock, in the midst of this vast kingdom of water, how could one not feel majestic, even in flip flops?

I set my alarm for 5:30 so I wouldn't miss the sunrise:

The outdoor shower which I did peruse after swimming in the Amazon right off the floating lodge (sadly, no photos of that historic occasion!).

The boys cooked up various gory stories about what this shed might house and our host didn't refute any of them...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11

For my generation, today's date will live in infamy. It will simply never again be another day. 9/11 will always make me shiver, and I will always have second thoughts about traveling or partying today.

As I do every year, I took my Portraits 9/11/01 off the shelf and opened it at random to read some of the obituaries the New York Times collected so admirably of those who died on 9/11. Monuments are great markers of tragedy, but only obituaries can give us a tiny glimpse of the lives that were lost. Here are just the headlines:

Faina Rapoport - A Grateful Refugee (45 years old)
Amenia Rasool - Dining as a Twosome (33)
R. Mark Rasweilen - Father, Son and Canoe (53 - The floor plan shows that Mr. Rasweiler sat exactly where the first plane hit.)
David A. Rathkey - The Proof Is in the Ducks (47)
William Raub - The Creator of Surprises (38)
Alexey Razuvaev - Laughing over Broken Glass (40)
Gregory Reda - Ordre et Beaute (33)
Michele Reed - Weekends at the Farm

May their memory be for a blessing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Joy is...

...hearing from my new favorite publication, Bella Grace, that they want to publish a photo essay of mine in their next issue. Sometimes, writing dreams do come true (but I did have to submit first).

Now I actually had to acquire Photoshop to make sure all my photos have the right high resolution. I'd been scraping by using free software for my photo editing so far. I guess it was high time to get Photoshop if I was going to take myself seriously as a photographer. Now I'll even delve into learning Photoshop!

Says my daughter, "Mum is becoming a real photographer and not just a lady with an expensive camera."

Aha! And I had just gotten used to being a "real writer."